These scraps won't look like this in 2 weeks.  And that's how we like it.

These scraps won’t look like this in 2 weeks. And that’s how we like it.

Make compost in TWO WEEKS with NO EFFORT with bokashi fermentation.

Like we are talking, very, very little effort.  If you are lazy, this is for you.  If you aren’t lazy, then you will wish you were because this is easy, peasy and fast.  How fast? You could tend to the bucket in between TMZ commercials.  Good thing because we all know that Harvey doesn’t wait.

Meat and dairy..no problem.  Compost ALL of your food scraps with bokashi.  All of them.  Traditional composters take note.

No nasty smells, no bugs, minimal greenhouse gases, just ORGANIC biologically active, slow release compost easily and quickly.

No room for a compost pile?  No problem.  Bokashi compost kits will fit under the sink.  Buy ours or make your own.

All you have to do is add the scraps, add the bran, and walk away.  The microorganisms will do all of the work.  You don’t even have to pay them.  It is like owning your own factory, just like Veruca Salt.

If you have ever tried composting in the past, and it didn’t work.  Or you gave up (c’mon, just admit it).  Then bokashi might be right for you.


Mycelium growing on food scraps being fermented by bokashi.  Who doesn't like mycelium?

Mycelium growing on food scraps being fermented by bokashi.


What is Bokashi Composting?

Bokashi composting is a safe, convenient, and quick way to compost food waste in your kitchen, garage, or apartment.

Bokashi means fermented organic matter in Japanese. Bokashi composting uses a selected group of microorganisms to anaerobically ferment organic waste. The microorganisms are applied using a impregnation carrier such as wheat bran. The fermentation process breaks the organic matter down in a process that is odor free. Since the process is done in a closed system you don’t have to worry about insects and smells making it ideal for urban or business settings. Unlike more conventional composting systems bokashi systems can break down heavier items like meat, fish and cheese.

The process is very fast and usually takes less than two weeks. The finished product will have a sweet, pickled odor and you will often see white mold mycelium coating the surface. Once the fermentation has completed you can add the scraps to a worm bin or bury them directly in the soil. They will take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks to fully integrate into the soil depending upon your local soil biological activity and local climate.

If you don’t have an area to trench, no problem, you can covert bokashi pre-compost into a usable potting soil.


Bokashi Photo


Why Bokashi?

  • It is versatile.  You can compost all of your kitchen wastes including dairy, meat, and  baked goods.  Why throw any of that away?
  • No strong putrid odors.
  • No insects or rodents.
  • No nutrients are lost.  Everything is contained within the system.
  • Minimal greenhouse gases are produced.
  • The bokashi process is compact.  No need for a yard or large compost piles.
  • No turning necessary.
  • No need to worry about green to brown ratios.
  • The scraps are inoculated with beneficial microorganisms.
  • Worms great in conjunction with vermiculture.
  • It is easy.  Even a child could do it.
  • Great for school projects.


Yeah we sell bokashi buckets, but you don’t need to buy ours.  You can make your own.  All you need is a 5 gallon bucket and a gamma lid.  That’s it.  It is totally easy, you should try.  Not into trying?  Well we like you, please keep reading.


Not a tinkerer eh?  That’s cool, we understand. 

Lucky for you we sell pre-made buckets here.  


They are so easy to use it is almost like not trying.   

A cute little bokashi bucket ready for some action.  Please take one home today.

A cute little bokashi bucket ready for some action. Please take one home today.



The Most Basic Bokashi Composting Kit on the Planet that isn’t Homemade…

This is all you need to get started fermenting food waste with bokashi.  The bucket, spigot, and lid are easy to use.  The bucket doesn’t have a big footprint so space shouldn’t be an issue.  It is a great starting point for anyone looking to give bokashi a try.  If you end up liking it, then you can buy another one or make your own (remember it’s easy). 

This kits proudly includes:

- 5 Gallon Composter w/ Drainage Spigot – Made from 100% recycled non-smelling plastic.  Durable and will last for years, unless you run it over.

- 2lb Bokashi Bran.  Enough to get you started and fall in love. 

- Cup to collect bokashi tea (Cough…useless.)

- Masher to compact food waste.  (Psst…you don’t really need this, so give it your kids.)

Kit Dimensions: 10″ x 10″ x 16″  – Sorry it isn’t metric.

Empty Weight: 3.5lbs.  So light, yet so strong.

Disclosure:  No food scraps are included with this kit.  You must add your own.  

Do you really want to do some fermenting?  Because kits can be ordered with extra bran, bokashi bran.

Questions?  Unlikely.


(Contiguous US only.  Other locations ask for price quote, although most likely cost prohibitive for small quantities.)

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This is how you put that bad boy plastic bucket to use. 

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